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Laundry Price List

This is a sample of what we offer,

please contact us for other requirements

Shirts Price
Shirt (H) £1.60
Shirt (F) £1.80
Dry Cleaning Shirt £2.50
Household Price
Sheet Single £3.00
Sheet Double £3.50
Duvet Cover (Single) £3.50
Duvet Cover (Double) £4.00
Duvet Cover (King) £4.50
Duvet Feather (Single) £12.00
Duvet Feather (Double) £15.00
Duvet Feather (King) £20.00
Bedspread £10.00
Bath Towel £3.00
Upholstery Price
Cushion Cover (S) £2.90
2 Seat Cover £9.90